Spandaramet, Armenian Underworld Goddess 4oz Candle
Spandaramet, Armenian Underworld Goddess 4oz Candle
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Spandaramet, Armenian Underworld Goddess 4oz Candle

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Spandaramet is the Armenian Goddess of the Underworld, the land of the Dead...a place of shadow and mystery and transformation. Her name may be derived from the Persian "Spenta Armaiti," one of the seven Amesha Spentas or angelic guardians of the earth. She occupies the chthonic realm which is associated with the fertility of the soil, thus the ancient practice of growing grapes and winemaking is sacred to her. 

This 4oz. high quality hand-poured Coconut Soy Wax candle tins make memorable baby shower, wedding, and birthday party favors! Great for small spaces and traveling too. The coconut soy wax is a vegan blend, gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben free, phthalate free, and comes from renewable sources.

The versatile tin can be cleaned and reused after the candle has burned down completely.  Makes a wonderful vessel for storing herbs and teas, crystals, or other jewelry, or other magical items.

  • Wax Color: Natural (No Dyes)
  • Wick Material: Cotton (Lead and Zinc free)
  • Wax Material: Hand-Poured Coconut Soy Wax Made in the USA
  • Size: 4 oz.; 2.5" (W or Diameter) x 1.5" (H with lid) 
  • Burn Time Approx. 20 Hours
  • Hand Poured in the USA

Current Scent Offerings: Ambrosia, Bohemian Rose, Citrus Dream, Oceanside, Sage and Cypress, Tropic of Cancer, Vanilla Bean and Fragrance Free.


A delightful summery fusion of fresh watermelon and zesty lemon, enhanced by the lush greenery of the garden. Ripe strawberries and pineapples are balanced over a comforting base of vanilla and sugar. 

  • Top: Watermelon, Lemon, Green Leaves
  • Middle:  Strawberry, Pineapple, Gardenia
  • Base:  Sugar, Vanilla

Bohemian Rose 

Notes of basil and grapefruit lead into the soft embrace of rose and magnolia, all harmonizing over an earthy base of patchouli. 

  • Top: Basil, Grapefruit
  • Middle: Rose, Magnolia
  • Base: Patchouli

Citrus Dream

Top notes of freshly-squeezed oranges lead you to a warmer heart of spun sugar. The base boasts rich vanilla and marshmallow-laden notes.

  • Top: Orange
  • Middle:  Sugar
  • Base:  Marshmallow, Vanilla


Top notes of ozone and fresh linen are followed by a mid-note blend of delicate freesia, the crisp touch of sea salt, and the cool menthol of eucalyptus. Finishes with a grounding base of earthy moss and soothing powder.

  • Top: Ozone, Linen
  • Middle: Freesia, Sea Salt, Eucalyptus
  • Base: Moss, Powder

Sage & Cypress

Delicate wisps of bergamot and spruce dance over a heart of aromatic sage and robust cypress. Rich palo santo and sultry patchouli add an alluring depth mingled with a hint of dark musk and smoke. 

  • Top: Bergamot, Spruce
  • Middle: Cypress, Sage
  • Base: Palo Santo, Patchouli, Dark Musk, Smoke

Tropic of Cancer

A delightful fusion of succulent orange, zesty pineapple, and luscious, ripe peach. Sweet mango culminates in the warm, creamy base notes of coconut milk and sugarcane.

  • Top: Orange Pineapple
  • Middle: Peach, Mango
  • Base Sugar, Coconut Milk

Vanilla Bean

A harmonious blend of rich buttercream and sugary cake at the top, a heart note of pure unadulterated vanilla, and the smooth sophistication of bourbon at its base. 

  • Top: Buttercream
  • Middle: Cake, Vanilla
  • Base: Sugar, Bourbon


The production of this candle is fulfilled by PrintedMint and shipped according to their flat rate prices per item. Unfortunately, they are not able to offer discounted combined shipping for multiple items. Since I don't have control over this cost, I've included it in the retail price of the candle for your convenience.