Mandala of Magic

My goddess devotion forms a mandala that radiates throughout the calendar year with the seasons and holy days. My formal dedications follow the quarter and cross-quarterly cycle, beginning with the Winter Solstice. Each of the links below describes the goddess as I see her, including lore, history, magic and a snippet of my own practices. 

Hekate: Lightbringer, Pathfinder, Keybearer

  • A Yearlong Devotional 

Persephone: Chthonic Queen and Bright Maiden

  • December 21-February 1

Devana: Wild Maiden of the Woods, Protector of Animals

  • February 2-March 21

Freyja: Lady, Vanadis, Lover, and Sorceress

  • March 22-April 30

Anahit: Golden Mother and Lady of the Waters

  • May 1-June 20

Brigid: Radiant Earth Mother, Empress of Creativity

  • June 21-August 1

Isis: All Knowing Creatrix, Wise Alchemistress

  • August 2-September 20

Stella Maris: Star of the Sea and Mother of Compassion

  • September 21-October 31

Spandaramet: Goddess of the Underworld, Mistress of the Vine

  • November 1-December 20