Moons of Magic

Symbols: Torch, Key, Dog, Snake, Moon

Botanicals: Poppy, Bay, Nightshades, Mandrake, Mugwort

Stones & Metal: Moonstone, Sapphire, Silver

Colors: Black, Violet, Gold 

Element: Spirit

 Epithets of Hekate

 December 21-February 1 ~ Aidonaea (She of the Underworld)

February 2-March 21 ~ Potnia Theron (Mistress of Animals)

March 22-April 30 ~ Erannos (Lovely One)

May 1-June 20 ~ Despoina (Mistress or Lady)

June 21-August 1 ~ Pyrophoros (Fire Wielding One)

August 2-September 20 ~ Kleidouchos (Keeper of Keys)

September 21-October 31 ~ Paionios (the Healer)

November 1-December 20 ~ Chthonia (She of the Earth)