About Me

I am an ordained Skydancer Priestess in the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, having dedicated my gifts and service as an artist, sibyl, and sacred maker to the Goddess in her many forms.

I am a Priestess of Hekate, whose many epithets inform the framework of my personal spiritual mandala and wheel of the year. The eight other goddesses I am dedicated to can be found on my Mandala of Magic page.

My ancestral Armenian heritage has led me to build a dedicated unique website resource for Armenian seekers and goddess devotées wishing to explore their pre-Christian roots. The Flaming of the Rose documents my personal quest to bring the ancient Armenian pantheon out of shadows of history.

My divination practice is dedicated to Sophia, goddess and personification of Wisdom. 

I am a fine artist, illustrator, and jeweler with a lifelong passion for all things magical. I’ve been creating my own sacred art in various media for decades: from hand printed linocut icons, original hex signs, painted Goddesses, and my self published tarot and oracle decks, “The Incidental Tarot” in 2012 and “A Curious Oracle” in 2015. My husband and I have built Forge and Fountain together, a magical partnership creating sacred adornments with an esthetic of beauty, mythos and spirit. We also craft unique tools and magical accessories such as forged offering bowls, braziers, incense burners and candle scribes.

My current illustration work is focused on my second tarot deck in progress, the Sibylline Tarot, and an ongoing devotional project illustrating the Goddesses of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple in collaboration with Mandala Priestess Yeshe Matthews. The Goddess images are available as prints in my shop and at The Sacred Well in the form of prayer cards, votive candles and prints. 

My art also takes the form of potions, provisions and preparations from my garden and foraging in the wild around my home in mid-coast Maine. I craft these offerings in small batches in harmony with the seasons and the goddesses. 

Wolf & Serpent

My work as a priestess is inherently animistic: my spirit companions are the Wolf and the Serpent.

The Wolf in my eyes is an emblem of courage, fortitude, and resilience. I have studied the natural history and mythology of the Wolf for decades, having always felt a keen resonance between its majestic, untamed power and the nature of the Witch...and by extension, all women. This is the Path of the Wolf, and it is my devotional offering to walk this path and encourage others to appreciate and embody the magic of the Wolf in their own lives.

The Serpent represents the esoteric, liminal nature of priestesshood. Where the Wolf's strength and magic is rooted in the earth, the Serpent moves between worlds and is both a physical and metaphorical embodiment of the life force: a symbol of wisdom, transformation, and infinity. This ancient mystical being has led to me to delve into the fascinating study of Serpent spirits and deities across the world. The serpentine quest for gnosis guides my divination work as well as my spirit journeys and explorations.

I offer many services including Tarot and Oracle readings, house blessings, magical consultations, personalized tools, talismans and amulets, and ritual preparations for ceremonies, sacred celebrations, and living magically with the seasons. I am co-teacher of Via Carmen Pythia with Priestess Yeshe, a two year Sibyl Priestess training program offered in the Temple. 

With whispers of the wild,

Priestess Devanna