Readings and Sibyl Sessions

I offer cartomancy readings with Tarot and Oracle decks as well as deep-dive, multilayered Sibyl Sessions which utilize a combination of different intuitive modalities such as Armenian coffee reading, bone oracles, Slavic beeswax divination, dream interpretation, scrying, and candle services. Cartomancy readings average 45-60 minutes, Sibyl Sessions are up to 2 hours.

Readings are presented by telephone and Zoom; unfortunately at this time I am unable to offer regular in person readings.

All of my readings are offered in the spirit of personal edification and holistic awareness. My aim is to interpret the facets of your life and circumstances through a different lens: the lens of spirit, energy, archetype, pattern, and narrative. I do not foretell future events. I do however describe directions, currents, and potential consequences that can help inform decision making and promote personal confidence. I cannot guarantee a “positive” reading for everyone every time, but I can guarantee a kind and thoughtful reading. I see what I see. When you purchase a reading from me you are accepting the possibility of receiving unwelcome news, though it is always my intention to provide the most helpful information I am given in a compassionate manner. 

It is my ethical obligation to state that my readings must be considered for entertainment purposes only. No part of this (or any intuitive) reading should be construed as medical, financial, or legal advice.

My current availability is on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11am to 9pm PST. If you'd like to book a reading with me, please fill out my contact form and we will schedule your time via email.