The Book of Secrets: An Exhibition of Tarot Art

From left to right: Helena Gaspar~The Lovers, Kristine Gorman~The Moon, Pearl Whitecrow~The Star, Jennifer Lothrigel~Death, Sam Vaughan~The Devil.

I’m happy to share news of my latest project as the inaugural post on Path of the Wolf: The Book of Secrets.

Some months ago I had an idea to bring together a group of amazing artists to create a sequential collection of the Major Arcana in contemporary art. As a member artist of ACCI Gallery along with my husband Joshua, I had the privilege of proposing, curating, and producing this unique show.

Back in the spring, I put out a public call for Tarot art, as well as inviting a select few artists for the show. Curating an open call is always challenging, especially when the subject is something as diverse as Tarot imagery. But the resulting collection—a medley of new artists, invited artists, and ACCI member artists—turned out to be surprisingly harmonious and moving. The day the show opened, an ACCI customer who comes to the gallery once or twice a year visited and fell in love with the exhibit. A woman who is currently immersed in her own work around the tarot, she purchased 10 of the pieces in the show. I do believe that is a record! Thus far the reception to the show has been overwhelmingly positive, affirming my sense that there is a real hunger for art with such a rich historical lineage and depth of meaning. I’ve realized this hunger is what drives my calling to be a sacred maker, something I will continue to feed through my own work.

The Exhibit is open until October 29, 2019 and we will be holding a Closing reception on Saturday, October 26 from 4-7pm. There are still quite a few exquisite works of Tarot available to make your own! Some of the featured artists are Kristine Gorman, Pearl Whitecrow, Tony DiMauro, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Sabina Espinet, and Krisztina Lazar…amongst a truly dazzling medley of visionary artists from across the country.



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