Magu Xian Shou Greeting Card

Magu Xian Shou Greeting Card

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As a devotional offering, I have undertaken to illustrate all 13 of the Goddesses of the Mount Shasta Goddess Temple. I created this piece with the gentle direction of Priestess Yeshe Matthews, and together we evoked this image of Magu.

Maiden Magu is the Chinese Taoist Immortal of longevity, prophecy, history, and hemp. Cannabis is sacred to her, as are deer, egrets, and peaches. Her path is the “Way of Infinite Harmony” and she is honored for her commitment to freeing people from that which enslaves them. It is said that when the Immortals gathered for a feast, Magu prepared a special longevity wine and gave it to Xi Wangmu, the great Empress of the Western Heaven. Xi Wangmu was so impressed with the elixir that she granted Magu immortality. She is shown here in a field of cannabis where the city of Weed is situated, just north of the sacred mountain in Siskiyou county. She holds a dish of peaches, the fruit of immortality, and a cluster of reishi mushrooms grows at her feet, also known for their healing and life-extending qualities. Her sumptuous robe is a vibrant red, the color of life, health, and longevity. A gentle mule deer doe looks up at her with adoring eyes, and three snowy egrets fly overhead. Her name, Magu Xian Shou, in Chinese characters appears at the bottom left.

It is said that although she appears to be young in her images and statues, Magu has seen the Eastern sea fill and dry up many times, each transformation taking thousands of years. She is a goddess of time and pleasure.

The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple is committed to honouring the Great Mother through acts of spirit, beauty, and service, and we embrace opportunities to help shape a better world for women. Our annual devotional cycle dedicated to Goddesses from many world cultures invites our membership to reflect on the diversity of the female divine, and our practices and teachings inspire women of all colors, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to discover the divinity within. In our Temple, we believe that every woman is an earthly embodiment of the Goddess.

• Material: 14.77 oz/yd² (350 g/m²) paperboard
• Sizes: Small: 4″ × 6″ (101 × 152 mm)
Medium: 5″ × 7″ (127 × 178 mm)
Large: 5.83″ × 8.27″ (148 × 210 mm)
• Product weight: Small: 0.39 oz (11 g)
Medium: 0.6 oz (17 g)
Large: 0.85 oz (24 g)
• Toner-based printing
• Vibrant colors
• Comes with a complimentary envelope