Via Carmen Pythia

Via Carmen Pythia

Dragon Priestesses, Serpent Oracles, & Women of Prophecy

Have you had prophetic dreams? Do you simply know things that others don’t? Do you live your life based on intuition, or desire to live that way? The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple carries on the ancient tradition of oracular sisterhood through our Sibyl Training program, the Via Carmen Pythia.

We are calling together the Dragon Priestesses of the modern era for a training in classic mystery school style: studying the ways of divination, intuition, trance, and mystic vision, listening deeply within, performing readings, and observing the spirit signs in nature and the patterns of energy in our world. We heed the voices of the spirits, the voices of the Earth, and the inner voice as we develop our gifts for the purpose of helping guide humanity through these times of sudden and rapid change. 

This two-year training involves learning 22 different forms of divination, including the following modalities: bone divination, dice divination, animal and bird augury, cartomancy with Tarot and Oracles, dream interpretation, runes, tasseomancy, astrology, numerology, and geomancy, plus guidance for setting up the formal practice of a personally-designed divination system unique to each Sibyl.

This training is taught by Priestess Yeshe Matthews and myself. New program begins January 1, 2024.

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