Practical Magic

An Introduction to the Elemental Magic of Nature

Have you always felt an emotional current with the element of water? Or been drawn to the power and warmth of fire? Maybe you feel a deep comfort with your hands in the earth. Or perhaps you feel most alive when you are singing along with the whispering of the wind. These are basic elemental affinities!

Magic is the process and practice of cultivating a relationship with the natural world and working with the life force energy that exists in all things in order to more intentionally harness the forces that govern our lives.

In this class you will learn how to immerse in and work with the energy of each element, and channel that energy in practical ways to enhance and improve your life. Learn the history of natural magic and elemental theory, gather tools for connecting with and harnessing the power of the elements, and develop your own elemental practices to enrich your daily life with magic in this fun and accessible course. 

  • Week 1: Air
  • Week 2: Water
  • Week 3: Fire
  • Week 4: Earth
  • Week 5: Spirit

I've been a woman of magic for over 3 decades and an ordained priestess in the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple since 2019. I've led many classes in a number of esoteric subjects over the years, including folklore, magic, history, goddess culture and hands-on DIY magical crafting.

This class is currently being offered in person at Leapin' Lizards in Freeport, Maine and will be held on four consecutive Wednesday evenings May 8-June 5, 2024.


Are you interested in purchasing a digital version of this course? 

I will be making this available in the coming months! The course will include 5 recorded video lessons as well as printable resources and homework assignments for each module. Please sign up to my mailing list to be notified when recorded classes are available.