“Being a most curious collection of artifacts, symbolic and divinatory in nature. Pieced together from one artist’s imaginatory musings, this pictorial key may be utilized as both a mystical and pragmatic tool for gaining insight to questions and enlivening topics of discussion.”

A Curious Oracle does not follow either Tarot or Lenormand systems of cartomancy, but is designed in 7 original sets of 7 cards each. Each card in the oracle is potent in its own right, but the system works especially well in combination with tarot, charm and rune casting. This oracle is a collection of milestones, pictorial glimpses into those potent moments of experience that make us question our assumptions and delve deeper into the underpinnings of our destiny.


“a posse ad esse”
from possibility to actuality…

The Incidental Tarot came about organically and of its own free will through a self-imposed creative challenge that year: make one piece of original art every day. It became clear very early in the year that a Tarot deck was inevitable. Thus, the Incidental Tarot was born. There is no arcane, complicated subtext to the imagery in this deck. I have seen, held and studied countless different artistic interpretations of the Tarot over 25 years. When I realized the work I was doing was evolving into an oeuvre de Tarot, I allowed my creative consciousness to distill down all those profound, complex layers of esoteric meaning into the tapestry of archetypal images that make up the Incidental Tarot.

The Incidental Tarot first edition is currently sold out. A second edition is in the planning stages.


The Sibylline Tarot is a work in progress inspired by mysterious ancient texts known as the Sibylline Books, a collection of oracular verse believed to have been purchased from a sibyl by the last king of Rome, Tarquinius Superbus. All of the original text of the Sibylline Books was lost, but the legend of these prophecies remained potent and inspired a later collection of eclectic, prophetical texts known as the Sibylline Oracles.

I chose the name to reflect this ancient lineage of prophetic or divinatory knowledge, as deeply buried in our human consciousness as the original oracular utterances are now buried in the mists of history.