Path of the Wolf: A Journey Into Wolf Mythos, Magic, and Ritual Practice

Path of the Wolf: A Journey Into Wolf Mythos, Magic, and Ritual Practice

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?“

Monday evenings August 26-December 16, 2024
Bimonthly 6pm PT / 9pm ET

Are you intrigued by the spirit of the Wolf beyond its nature, history and mythology? Are you rooted in a worldview of animism, earth-based spirituality, and witchcraft where the Wolf is a central figure? Or maybe you've always just known that the Wolf is Magic, like you?

Here is your opportunity to follow in her mythic, mystic footsteps.

Welcome to the Path of the Wolf!

This four month course will immerse you in the beautifully complex, mystical nature of the Wolf and guide you with stories, journeys, magic and tools to establish a place for her in your spiritual life and practice.

Each month you will study the lore of the Wolf from different cultures, learn about the biology and behavior of wolves, and explore rituals and practices to connect with and embody the powerful magic of the Wolf in your daily life. 

You will explore and experience the Wolf through these modalities:

  • Story & Archetype: the Wolf’s character through history and world mythology in creation stories, ancestral lineages, myths and fables
  • Magic & Sacred Space: Rituals and practices to connect with the spirit of the Wolf
    • Guided journeys to encounter the Wolf spirit
    • Oracular messages & dream incubation
    • Rituals, tools & talismans to integrate the magic*
  • Science: Wolf evolution, ecology, and conservation 
  • Connecting and sharing experiences with other Wolf devotées

This immersive course includes:

  • 4 live Zoom lessons**
  • 4 written lessons delivered via email
  • 4 guided Wolf journeys**
  • An online closing Wolf Ritual and sharing circle
  • A private online discussion group to share experiences and integrate practices
  • Personal Q+A with course instructor, Devanna
  • Online and print resources for further study + a directory of global Wolf conservation organizations

* A modest list of tools and talismans to procure for the course will be provided at the introductory meeting. 

**Zoom sessions will be recorded for those who cannot make the initial meeting or would like to revisit the lessons.

Course Dates

  • August 26 - Introduction to Course structure and meet & greet
  • September 2 - Lesson 1: Wolf Ancestors & Ancient Ties
  • September 16 - River of Lineage, Guided Journey into the Past
  • September 30 - Lesson 2: Wolf Mothers & Guardians
  • October 14 - Forest of Protection, Guided Journey to the Den
  • October 28 - Lesson 3: Werewolves & Shapeshifters
  • November 11 - Fog of Mystery, Guided Journey to the Underworld
  • November 25 - Lesson 4: Wolf Deities & Tutelary Spirits
  • December 9 - Wilderness of Power, Guided Journey to the Mountain
  • December 16 - Closing Ritual, Dedication, and Circle of Sharing

About Your Instructor, Devanna Wolf


I am ordained priestess and sibyl in the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, and have dedicated my gifts and service as an artist, diviner, and sacred creatrix to the Goddess in her many forms. I designed and self-published The Incidental Tarot and A Curious Oracle decks, and have studied and practiced several different traditions of earth-based magic for over 30 years.  


The Wolf in my eyes is an emblem of courage, fortitude, and resilience. Fascinated by wolves from an early age, I've studied their natural history and mythology for decades. I've always felt a keen resonance between its majestic, untamed power and the nature of the Witch...and by extension, all women. This is where the Path of the Wolf begins, a journey into our wild and sacred selves with the Wolf as our guideIt is my devotional offering to walk this path and encourage others to appreciate and embody the magic of the Wolf in their own lives.

Questions? Contact Devanna at

10% of all tuition received will be donated to one of 4 Wolf Sanctuaries in the U.S.